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Hi, I'm Julia!

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As a Product Designer, I improve user experiences through user-centered, data-informed, creative designs that both simplify complex problems and meet business goals.

I have recent experience updating B2B and B2C desktop applications for web accessibility and working as a UX Designer on SCRUM/Agile product teams.

Here's a bit more about me:

  • I've lived in the Austin, TX area for most of my life.
  • My core qualities are my desire to help, a great sense of responsibility, determination to rise above a challenge, and a deep love for my family.
  • I have been a creative my entire life, with degrees in Radio-TV-Film production and Visual Communication/User Experience Design, as well as a background in photography and music.
  • I'm resourceful and creative when solving a problem, and thrive when working on a challenging task.

Let's Create Something Amazing Together!

Please contact me in any of the following ways:


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