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I find it incredibly satisfying to simplify complex problems with the goal of helping someone else. This, and my natural blend of creative, technical, analytical, and empathetic qualities led me to UI/UX Design.

Here's a bit more about me:

  • I've lived in the Austin area for most of my life.
  • My core qualities are my desire to help, a great sense of responsibility, determination to rise above a challenge, and a deep love for my family.
  • I have earned a B.S. in Radio-TV-Film from UT Austin, and in May 2016, an A.A.S. from Austin Community College in Visual Communication / User Experience Design.
  • I've been a photographer for many years and am quite musical, as well.
  • I'm resourceful and creative when solving a problem, and am pretty mechanically inclined, too.

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My Process

A look behind the scenes of Design Thinking

1. Research

FAQs: Who are the users and what are their goals? What are the business goals? How is the product going to be used? What are the contraints?

2. Analysis

What does the user See, Do, Think, and Feel? Time to take the research and find the common pain points amongst the target users.

3. Ideation

Let's solve those problems in a creative way. Post-its, collaboration, and exploration of solutions happen here. It's my favorite part!

4. Design

Pencil, meet paper. Marker, meet whiteboard. Sketching the layout and structure of the product helps put the ideas into motion.

5. Prototyping

Time to see the framework come together, add some visuals, and make it all interactive to see the new product in action.

6. Testing

Test...Refine...Repeat. This agile process of testing as you go, helps designs progress while allowing changes early in the process.

Recent Projects

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